NextGen (formerly Young Professionals) Committee
NextGen Liaison – Ian Henderson


Ian has been in the security industry for over 20 years, and has worked in a variety of settings, including training, quality assurance, and account management.  Ian currently oversees contract security operations in lower mainland shopping centres, and he is also involved in training security staff in control tactics.

Ian has been involved with ASIS for the last ten years, and has participated in the NextGen (formerly called Young Professionals) Committee since it was formed in 2012.  Ian is currently serving as the co-chair of the Young Professionals national program, and in that role he assists other chapters in planning and holding events.


NextGen Committee Duties:

The NextGen Committee is aimed at providing education and development to young careerists by providing a forum to engage and learn from security thought leaders, get involved with ASIS programs and activities, and connect with peers.

This group hosts networking, social and development based events throughout the year, bridging the gaps between the upcoming and seasoned security professionals.

While a NextGen professional is typically defined as under 40 years of age or an individual who has spent less than five years in the security profession, we encourage participation from anyone passionate about this initiative, regardless of age or experience.

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Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Diversity and Inclusion Liaison – Lorna Clamp


Lorna is the Vice President of Strategic Planning for Securiguard Services Ltd. and is an innovative leader overseeing People and Culture, Health and Safety, and Marketing and Branding. Lorna has been in the security industry for almost three decades, starting at reception and progressing to the role she currently holds. Lorna’s passion around protecting the environment and her commitment to social responsibility serves her well as she leads Securiguard’s sustainability initiatives and the Securiguard Cares Committee. In her role as Women in Security Liaison, she is passionate about increasing representation from all individuals in our growing industry. Lorna has an extensive background in union, labour negotiations, and health and safety. She has provided operational and strategic leadership as well as executive oversight to security contracts in a number of vertical markets including Aviation, Corporate, and Government.


Diversity and Inclusion Committee Duties:

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is aimed to provide support and assistance to those in the security field who tend to be under-represented, including women and minorities. The committee also works to inspire under-represented individuals interested in entering the profession.

This group hosts multiple events annually, targeted to engage the under-represented security workforce and build a strong community. While this group’s benefits and programs are tailored for its target audience, we encourage and welcome the participation of all members who are dedicated to the support of diversity and inclusion in the security industry.