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UPDATE: July 12th 2013

Please note that a Canadian legal reference for Canadian CPP candidates is now only available from the ASIS Store in PDF as a download –item#2070E

It is no longer sold by Canada Law Books as listed on page 3 of the current ASIS Bookstore catalog.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Eva Giercuszkiewicz

Director, Library Services & Publications, Library & Publications


 This email is meant to provide clarification on questions that have been raised regarding preparation for the CPP exam, particularly questions posed by chapters offering exam review programs.

What should be used for exam preparation?
All exam questions are derived from the official CPP Reference Materials, which are comprised of the eight-volume set of the Protection of Assets (POA) and from a set of eight ASIS Standards and Guidelines. Since acquisition of the POA several years ago, the strategy has been to revise this material so that it contains the body of knowledge that applicants need to master. This goal was accomplished late last year with publication of the printed set, which also is available as individual books, as well as online and on Kindle (two sets of four books each). Previous to this achievement, the reference materials consisted of several books, as well as the POA. Many of the books were not published by ASIS, which meant that they could be discontinued or revised at any time, which sometimes made it difficult for applicants to acquire them. Another problem was that sections containing exam questions could be deleted or changed during revisions, another critical issue both for ASIS and for applicants.

In order to aid the exam preparation process, ASIS has published a document, Preparing for the CPP Exam (PDF), available online for free. This document links to key areas in thePOA that are included in the eight domains of the exam. The document describes the structure of the exam, provides tips on studying, and links to key subject areas contained in the eight CPP domains. It includes sample questions, but in no way should these be considered as questions that would appear on the exam itself. Slides from a Preparing for your Certification Exam PowerPoint are also available, which should be helpful to chapters or others providing review courses.

Why is the CPP Study Guide no longer available?
The supplies of this book are depleted, it is out-of-date, and there are no plans to reprint or to revise it. As noted in the ASIS Bookstore Catalog, 2012-13 and on our website, “…The study guide can be used as a supplement to the CPP reference material; it should not be considered the sole source for preparation and does not contain actual questions from the exam.” Despite this disclaimer, many applicants did rely upon this book too heavily in preparing for the exam; subsequently, they were disappointed with their exam results.

Are the PCI and PSP Study Guides still available?
Yes, both still are for sale. In the case of the PCI, all reference materials are contained in one publication, the Professional Investigator’s Manual. This one book is the basis for all exam questions. Due to this consolidation, the plan is to discontinue the PCI Study Guide as soon as the inventory is depleted, because it no longer has a need.

In the case of the PSP Study Guide, we are in the process of consolidating all of the reference material into one publication, similar to the PCI approach. Until that happens, that study guide will continue to be available for sale.

Will similar free documents become available online for preparing for the PCI and PSP exams?
Yes, these will be developed and will be available prior to depletion of the inventory of the study guides.

Why were we not given a heads-up on this change regarding the CPP Study Guide?
Due to a discrepancy in our inventory count, ASIS headquarters was caught off guard, as we did not realize that we were so close to being out-of-stock. We apologize for that; it was not intentional. Now that we are more attuned to the impact this change has had on chapters and applicants, we are monitoring the inventory of the other two study guides more closely and will let you know in a timely manner when we see that we are getting close to depleting the stock of either the PCI or PSP Study Guide.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns at +1.703.518.1429

W. John Lechner
John Lechner
Director, Educational Programs
ASIS International