Cyber Security – A New Perspective on the Growing Threat

Speaker: Edward Pereira, George Pajari

Topic: Cyber Security

We are honored to be able to have two very talented speakers come together for a luncheon focused on the rising concerns of cyber risks. The first speaker is Edward Pereira, a information risk consultant who will present on the challenges of quantifying the cyber risks, and will utilize statistics to demonstrate the industry trends and vulnerabilities. Following this highly anticipated talk, George Pajari, the CISO of Hootsuite, will discuss the two way relationship that information and physical security share. Collectively, these talks provide a new perspective on the rising cyber risks.

October 19th, 2017

1130h – Networking
1145h – Lunch (3 Course)
1215h – 1315h – Presentations

Edward Pereira: The Unquantifiable Tsunami of Cyber Threats
This presentation will provide an overview of the current threats that our organizations are facing, as they relate to cyber risks. By utilizing key statistics, and industry trends, this talk will demonstrate the collective view of cyber risks, and assess how the external perspective, measures against internal security metrics and established enterprise programs..

George Pajari: The Intersection of Physical and Cybe Security
The importance of physical security to protect information assets is generally understood, but the growing importance of cybersecurity to protect physical assets is much less well known. In this presentation we will explore the intersection of information and physical security, illustrating how each is indispensable to the other, and how, often, one cannot have one without the other. The talk will touch on well-known issues such as physical threat vectors to computer systems and networks, as well as newer threats such as vulnerabilities to the Internet of Things (IoT), especially physical security systems on the net.

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Date(s): October 19, 2017

Time: 11:30 AM Start Time - 1:30 PM End

Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver