ASIS young Professionals – Operational Leadership

Speaker: John McKay

Topic: Operational Leadership

Date: Thursday, June 29th
Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: BCLC, 2940 Virtual Way Vancouver, BC
Cost: $30 (includes dinner)
As young leaders, we are frequently placed in positions where we need to formulate strategy and oversee operational exercises. The decisions we make can have profound unintended outcomes, and it is critical to our futures that we consistently use good judgement. This seminar will explore the leadership concepts of the US Marine Corps, and examine how their philosophy can be applied within the context of security operations. Facilitator John McKay will discuss the key concepts of the book ‘Warfighting’, and will guide attendees towards the application of these lessons. To maximize the value and relevancy of the session, it is recommended that all attendees read the book, “warfighting” prior to attending. (a link to the free PDF is below).
Pre-reading: Warfighting


John McKay served for 36 years as a police officer in the RCMP, Winnipeg Police Department and the Vancouver Police Department. 31 of those years were in operational roles.
 Executive Officer
 Operational Duty Officer Inspector
 Incident Commander Inspector
 Ethics Officer
 Emergency Response Team Sergeant
 Crowd Control Unit Sergeant
 Use of Force Instructor RCMP, Winnipeg Police, Vancouver Police, Justice Institute of B.C.

John McKay developed training programs for the Vancouver Police Dept. and the Justice Institute of BC.
 Use of Force Program
 Jail Training Program
 Leadership Training Program
 Ethics Training Program
 Crisis intervention Program
 Advanced Security Training Program

John is a published author on use of force for Blue Line Magazine, Canada’s Law Enforcement Information Specialists.

Date(s): June 29, 2017

Time: 5:30 PM Start Time - 6:30 PM End

BCLC 2940 Virtual Way, Vancouver B.C.