For years the world has recognized a need for competent professionals who can effectively manage complex security issues that threaten people and the assets of corporations, governments, and public and private institutions. As the emphasis on protecting people, property, and information increases, it has strengthened the demand for professional managers. To meet these needs, ASIS International administers the Certified Protection Professional program.

Nearly 10,000 professionals have earned the designation of CPP. This group of professionals has demonstrated its competency in the areas of security solutions and best-business practices through an intensive qualification and testing program. As a result, these men and women have been awarded the coveted designation of CPP, and are recognized as proven leaders in their profession.

The CPP designation identifies professionals as dedicated to the security profession and recognizes their ability to perform to exemplary standards. Ask a Certified Protection Professional “why?” and they’ll tell you that the certification process is one of the single most important steps you can make in career development. What does certification mean to you?

bullet The CPP demonstrates your commitment to the profession.
bullet The CPP establishes professional credentials.
bullet The CPP prepares you for greater on-the-job responsibilities.
bullet The CPP improves skills and knowledge.
bullet The CPP improves career opportunities and advancement.
bullet The CPP provides for greater earnings potential.
bullet The CPP offers greater professional recognition from peers.
bullet The CPP enhances the profession’s image.
bullet The CPP reflects achievement


CPP Eligibility Requirements can be viewed here!